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08032020MP4 images from the annual music, dance and theatre event at a Catholic highschool in Mukono, Uganda


CAUTION: this edit is extremely random, do not imagine to know what Uganda is like throughout this video. Culture and social behavour cannot be captured on film in a complete way, this can only be experienced by the individual you are, in the real world outside or inside yourself. This video is purposed for creative interpretation only and should not be used as a representation of reality. The content put together – the “edit” – might iron out some prejudices concerning “Africa” possibly existing in your brain due to indoctrination, prefabricated cultural valueing and your own history. Do keep in mind the coincidental nature of this artefact.

I was asked to give what I would personally consider “good advice” to future generations – and to future particpants of the “Postgraduate in Sustainable Development’. I strongly feel to recommend the following:

Do not be scared of your own curiosity, creativity and eagerness to learn.

Be learning without too much hold back, as learning is a priority in life.

Do not be scared of the unknown culture: ask what you want to know.

Do not be affraid to be critical towards the unknown culture;

as you want to understand it, as you are learning, you will be respected.

Weird situations are precious, comfortzones are evil.

Always be learning. Always be eager.

Always be a student of many but do not forget that you as well are a teacher.

These are no rules of thumb nor guidelines. These are no principles, not everyones motivations. This is how I have been interacting in a natural way with the other culture – I feel comfortable doing so – and this has, without exeptions come with the great reward of knowledge, appreciation, love and connection. But do not follow this advice; think of it, and make your own way.

I wish you the best.

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The author

Johannes Van Leuven °1998. 9000 Ghent, BE. Bachelor degree: Industrial Productdesign, Postgraduate degree: Sustainable Development, Personal focus: art, design, philosophy